We are a strategic project studio for connectivity



We help cities and organizations understand, design and implement connectivity solutions. Tallgrass was born from the belief that the ever-increasing digitization of our world will place increasing demands on connectivity. Organizing this is becoming more complex and requires expertise and innovative solutions. We combine this with years of experience in the field of implementation and maintenance.

We believe that acquiring and sharing knowledge will lead to better, more successful projects. Including our customers in the process allows for better decisions and a more sustainable relationship. We use that knowledge to help you understand the full potential of fiber optic networks. If the process leads to products not yet available on the market, we will create these in our lab! Finally, we have the power to execute. Our first-time-right principle will guarantee an efficient roll-out of your project, start to finish.


Every project starts with understanding the challenge at hand. This is a phase that is the most cost effective and has the largest impact on the chances of a successful project. Crucial parts of this phase are High Level Designs and Low Level Designs. Since we have operational experience we understand the impact of both levels.


Most projects we do require a hybrid approach that involves products that may not be available on the market. We have a lab to provide rapid-prototyping and ready to market products such as Datacenter cabinet systems and WDM Multiplexers.


The power to deliver on a 'first-time-right' principle is a powerful way to demonstrate the robustness of the solutions that were designed in the early phases of the project. Our engineers have high-end measurement equipment to verify their own work. Another part of the operational excellence is taking charge of the rollout of your project by guiding and orchestrating the relevant partners in the project.


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